SharePoint 2013 Training Videos System Administration


5 in 1 Admin Pack

Learn all the topics covered in:

23 Hours of Videos Tutorials
Take advantage of 23 hours of organized SharePoint presentations and demonstrations in HD quality.
25 Hours of Hands on Labs
Practice your skills with step by step hands on labs that can be completed on a SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 Online.
Practice on Virtual Environment
We provide a complete SharePoint virtual environment, preloaded with Office, Designer, InfoPath, and Visual Studio.
No Subscription Fees
With no expirations or monthly subscription fees, you can refresh your skills any time without breaking the bank.
Focus on Topics that Matter
We create courses that integrate real world experiences from some of largest successful SharePoint implementations.
Play on Mobile Devices
Our training can deliver the same amazing experience on your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

The goal of SharePoint System Administration course is to learn how the various pieces of the SharePoint farm work together and the decision points that the system administrator will need to make. You should end with a solid grasp of the architecture, and will understand how to properly research the specifics for your environment.

Learn the following topics:

  • All the topics covered in the Fundamentals, Administration, and Business Intelligence courses
  • Learn PowerShell basics such as pipes, get-command, and selects.
  • Use PowerShell ISE to create scripts to manipulate SharePoint content
  • Create path based and host-header based site collections using PowerShell and user interface
  • Manage content databases via user interface and PowerShell
  • Understand all decision points when creating a new web application
  • Manage service accounts
  • Change web application settings via PowerShell
  • Understand claims based authentication and other authentication options
  • Move sites and site collection using PowerShell
  • Move content databases across web applications
  • Delegate administration of service applications
  • Synchronize Activity Directory with SharePoint both importing and exporting user profile data.
  • Create a new search index partition using PowerShell and understand the new Search architecture.
  • Backup specific SharePoint components and the entire farm
  • Learn how to use unattached restore
  • Learn about 15 folder and deploy SharePoint solutions
  • Get technical details about the web servers and content database structure
  • Learn about farm topology

SECTION 1 - Fundamentals

Power User / Site Administrator
    Definitions, History, and Expectations 3m 59s
  • Definitions
  • History
  • Editions
  • How to Make SharePoint Successful
    Sites, Lists, Versioning 2h 34m 37s
  • Site Collection
  • Site
  • Navigation
  • Features
    • Site template comparison
  • Navigation
  • List = App
    • Columns
    • Views
    • Sharing
    • Collaborative editing and OneDrive Pro
    • Versioning
    • Alerts and popularity
  • List specific features
    • Connect to Outlook
    • Calendar aggregation
    • Task indents and timeline
    Social, User Profiles, My Site 27m 01s
  • User Profile and Personal content
    • Basic information
    • Contact and details
    • Personal site and files
  • Task aggregation on my site - synchronization all tasks from all site collections to person's my site
  • Newsfeed and Following
    • Commenting, hashtags, likes
    • Aggregation and settings
    • Follow sites, people, hashtags
  • Community site template
    • Discussions
    • Reputation and badges
    Pages, Web Parts, Apps, and Themes 27m 33s
  • Types of Pages
  • Web parts
    InfoPath in SharePoint 48m 22s
  • Form design
    • Fields/columns
    • Visual layout
      • Two column layout
      • Four column layout
    • Logic
      • Rules
      • Validation
      • Hide/show controls
    • External data
      • Get data from other SharePoint lists or databases
  • InfoPath Form Web Part
  • list forms vs. form library
    • digital signatures
    • complicated schema -not all fields stored in SharePoint list
    Workflows with SharePoint Designer 56m 46s
  • Introduction
  • Two platforms and what’s new in 2013
  • Definitions
  • Stages, steps, and loops
  • Conditions and branches
  • Actions and variables
  • Workflow types and association
  • Information Management Polices
  • Export and import workflows
    Security Authorization 30m 28s
  • Permissions and Permission Levels
  • Site Collection Administrator
  • Authentication vs. Authorization
  • What provides authentication
  • Who can assign permissions
  • SharePoint groups
  • Web Part to show users and SharePoint groups that have access to the site
    Site Administration Tools 20m 24s
  • List and Site Templates
  • List View thresholds
  • Features
  • Manage Content and Structure Tool
  • Usage Analysis
    Project: Libraries and Lists 40m 51s
  • Setup Research Papers library with folders and metadata
  • Setup Area for Industry Clinic project management

    SECTION 2 - Administration

    Enterprise Content Manager / Administrator / Project Manager
    Site Collection Management16m 22s
  • Definition
  • Why separate site collections
  • Management
    Site Columns 17m 02s
  • Site Columns definition
  • Scopes and updates
    Managed Metadata 30m 07s
  • Terms sets and term groups
  • Local vs. Global context
  • Enterprise keywords
  • Social tags
  • Search refinement based on metadata
    Content Types 57m 49s
  • Content type use cases
  • Content type hierarchies and inheritance
  • Using content types to create information architecture
  • Document templates
  • 2010 Workflows and information management policies for content types
  • Content Type Syndication Hub
    • How it works
    • Relation to managed metadata
    • View and other settings
    Document sets 17m 01s
  • Metadata and page layouts
  • Versioning and workflows
  • Document ids
    User Profiles 13m 19s
  • User profile properties
  • Audiences
  • My site settings
    Search Administration 37m 41s
  • Content Sources and Crawl Rules
  • Properties
  • Refinement in search web parts
  • Query Rules
  • Analytics
  • Entity Extraction
    Final Project 26m 16s
  • Metadata and Search
    Records Management 34m 22s
  • In place records management
  • Record center template and use of content types
  • Making documents into records using workflows
  • eDiscovery cases
    • eDiscovery sets
    • Sources
    • Custodians
    • Queries
    External Data and Business Data Services 19m 13s
  • Data Sources and Data Views
  • Secure Store Service
    • Application definitions
    • Credentials
  • Business Data Services
    • External content types and lists in SharePoint Designer
    • Editing forms using InfoPath Forms
    Publishing for Intranet Portals 1h 25m 54s
  • Publishing pages, content types, and page layouts
  • User friendly URLs based on managed metadata term sets
  • Custom master pages and layouts using SharePoint Designer and Design Manager
  • Custom display templates for search results
  • Aggregation and search of pages in a site collection or on other site collections
    • Content Query
    • Search Query

    SECTION 3 - Business Intelligence

    Business Users / Administrators / Architects / Power Users
    Introduction 13m 37s
  • Information Collection, Analysis, and Delivery
  • Business Intelligence Styles and Roles
    • Self Service and Business Reporting by Business Analysts
    • Performance Monitoring and Scorecarding by Business Analysts
    • Parameterized and Operational Monitoring by IT
  • Microsoft Products and how they interact
    • SQL
    • Client
    • SharePoint
    Terminology 11m 58s
  • Pivot table
  • BI Models
    • Tabular model
      • DAX
      • Calculated columns
      • Measures and hierarchies
      • KPIs
    • Multidimensional model
      • Cube
      • Measures and Dimensions
      • MDX
  • KPIs and Scorecards Web Applications, Content Databases, and Service
    Data Connections and Secure Store Service 22m 45s
  • Data connections formats
    • Location
      • Embedded
      • Data connections libraries
    • Authentication
      • Windows authentication
      • Secure Store
  • Data refreshes
    Excel Services 30m 21s
  • Roles
  • Designing reports in Excel
    • What's not allowed
    • Tables and pivot tables
    • Slicers
    • Conditional formatting and sparklines
      • Color scales and data bars
      • Top bottom values
      • Icons
  • Reports in SharePoint
    • Publishing options
      • Which sheets to publish
      • Permissions
      • Data refresh
    • Embedding reports
      • Excel access web part
      • REST api
    • Web parts and filters
  • Excel service application settings
    • Architecture
    • Trusted locations
    • Trusted data connection libraries
    Excel with PowerPivot 35m 19s
  • Relationships between tables
  • DAX
  • Calculated columns
  • Hierarchies
  • KPIs
  • Perspectives
  • Manage PowerPivot Data Refresh
    Reporting Services 44m 12s
  • Tools comparison
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Report Builder
    • Data sources and data connections
    • Shared data sets
    • Report templates and web parts
    • Pull or push delivery
  • PowerView
    • Consuming PowerPivot data models
    • Visualizations
  • Configure Reporting Services Application
    Performance Point Services 13m 02s
  • Purpose
  • Data sources
    • Analysis services
    • Other data sources: tables, SharePoint lists (many feature will not be available)
  • Dashboard Designer
    • KPIs and KPI Details
    • Scorecards
    • Analytical Charts
    • Decomposition tree
    • Strategy map
    Visio Graphics Service 14m 05s
  • Creating diagrams
  • Data sources
  • Publishing to SharePoint
    • Service application settings
    Business Data Connectivity 9m 52s
  • External Content Types
  • Editing the XML file directly
  • Using Business Data List and Item Web Parts

    SECTION 4 - System Administration

    System Administrator / Architect
    PowerShell 26m 57s
  • Using PowerShell to administer SharePoint
    Site Collection Management 25m 54s
  • Site Collection
  • Why and when to create multiple site collections
  • Host header based site collections
  • Site collection recycle bin
  • Moving sites using export import
    Web Applications, Content Databases, and Service Applications 47m 04s
  • Content database management
    • Create new content database
    • Move site collections
  • Web application management
    • Web application level settings
      • Security policy
      • Max upload size
    • Create new web application
      • Register a new service account
      • Create new application pool with the service account
      • Specify authentication
      • Port and host header
      • Database
      • Service applications
    • Extend a web application
    • Alternate access mappings
    • Move content databases
  • Service applications management
    • Administrators
    • Associations
    • Create new
    Authentication 8m 36s
  • Windows: NTLM vs. Kerbero
  • Claims-based authentication
  • oAuthentication
  • SAML
    IIS and SQL 22m 49s
  • IIS application pools and application pages
  • Content database structure
    Issue Resolution 13m 23s
  • Knowing when there is a problem
    • Health Analyzer
    • Correlations IDs
  • Where to look for issue details
    • IIS Log
    • Windows Event Log
    • SharePoint ULS Log
    • Diagnostic Logging settings
    User Profile Service Application 12m 10s
  • AD Synchronization
    • Permissions
    • How to looks at synchronization errors in Forefront Identity Manager
    Search Service Application 11m 56s
  • Search architecture
  • Components
  • Search Index
  • Management through PowerShell
    Backup and Restore 17m 14s
  • Catastrophic backup
  • Content database restore
  • Unattached content database restore
    Features and Site Definitions 14m 44s
  • Hive - 15
  • Site Definitions and Features
  • Solutions Management
    Farm Topology 3m 14s
  • Three tier architecture
  • Adding servers
  • Request management

    End User | Power User (Bonus)

    End Users / Site Administrator
    Introduction 6m 24s
    Finding Content 29m 41s
  • Global navigation
    • Top link bar - global navigation
    • Sites (promoted and followed)
    • Tree view
  • Site navigation
    • Quick launch - current navigation
    • Site contents
    • Tree view and metadata
    • Breadcrumb
  • List navigation
    • View selection
    • Filters and metadata navigation
    • Ribbon and context menu
    • Focus on content
  • Search
    List 39m 00s
  • Creation
  • Columns
  • Meta data navigation
  • Views
  • Form configuration
  • Versions
  • Alerts
    Documents 45m 57s
  • Columns, views, managed metadata
  • Editing documents
    • Co-authoring and track changes
    • Using Office Web Apps
  • Syncing to local computer using OneDrive Pro
  • Versions
    • When versions are created
    • Check out and check in
    • Major, minor, and approval
  • Folders vs metadata
    Tasks 20m 01s
  • Organization for project management
    • Indents
      • Keyboard short cuts
    • Time line
      • Call outs and milestones
      • Fonts
      • Width lock
      • Project summary web part
  • Staying informed
    • Aggregation on my site
    • Assignment of ownership email notification
    • Daily alert summaries
    • Connect to Outlook
    Calendars 12m 02s
  • Views
  • Connect to Outlook
  • Overlays in SharePoint
    Basic Workflows 13m 59s
  • Definitions
  • Review and Approval
  • Create workflow association
  • Starting workflow on an item
  • Participating in a workflow
    Pages, Web Parts, and Apps 24m 59s
  • Web parts
  • Apps
  • Types of pages
    • Standard
    • Wiki
    • Publishing
    • Application
    Social, User Profiles, My Site 12m 40s
  • My site, user profile, and personal site
  • Follow site, people, hashtags, mentions
  • Site newsfeed
    • Commenting
    • Aggregation