Google G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365

This comparison chart is based on many years of experience and deep understanding of offerings from Microsoft and Google.
We compare and analyze important product features side by side to show the differences that make them better or worse in the following categories:

Basics   |   Document Management   |   Spreadsheets, Tables, and Lists
Presentations   |   Chat  |   Calendar   |   Data Analytics   |   Price & Value

G Suite
Office 365
Individual documents storage G Drive folders   OneDrive folders
Team documents storage G Drive shared drives   Teams Libraries = SharePoint Document Libraries = OneDrive Shared Libraries
Document Url ID based in individual and shared drives - id does not change through the life of the document.
Works great with url shorteners.
  ID/path based in OneDrive wth username hardcoded.
ID/path based in SharePoint and Team libraries with site name hardcoded.
OneDrive files can have multiple links for different sharing levels.
Document management
Create and Share a Document
I want to create a document and share it for editing with other people.
Works great. Use Docs in Google Drive.
Needs improvement. Use Word in OneDrive. Organizing documents "shared with you" is limited.
Shared Storage
I want to create shared team storage.
Works great. Create Shared Drive.
Needs Improvement. Can be confusing because of legacy product names such as Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Team Sites.
Moving Documents
I want to move my document from individual document storage to team storage easily.

I want to move my document from one team storage to another.
Works great.
Needs a lot of improvement. Can be difficult. SharePoint document library has to be one of the favorites in order for the move to work. If the file is open for editing, move will fail. Any links to the file will break after the move. Permissions will not carry over.
Document Url
I want to change my document title without changing the url.

I want to move my document from folder to folder without changing the url.
Works great.
Works great within OneDrive and Teams/SharePoint libraries as long as the change/move is within the same library.
Document Links
I want to get shareable link to the document or folder and change the document name afterward.
Works great.
Work great as long as the document stays in the same library.
I would like to comment on a specific item in the document.
Works great including assigning comments.
Works great. Having comment assignments would be nice.
I want to manage permissions of the document or folder.
Works great.
Work great in OneDrive. Can be very confusing in SharePoint team libraries due to legacy permissions.
Viewership History
I want to see who viewed the document. I want to see how popular this document has been over the last year.
Works great.
Spreadsheets, Tables, and Lists
Spread Sheet Funcionality
I want to create a table with rows, filters, views, data validation, conditional formatting.
Works Great. Use Google Sheets for full table management.
Use Excel for table management without views.

Use SharePoint Lists for table management with views and additional features.
Process Automation
I want to automate processes around my tables.
Use Google app script for full control of the spreadsheet
Needs improvement. Macros don’t work in Excel Online. Can use Power Automate for certain tasks.
Create Presentations
I want to create a beatiful presentation.
Google Slides works great.
PowerPoint works great.
Display Consistency
I want my presentations to look the same everywhere.
Google Slides works great.
Needs Improvement. PowerPoint has some issues displaying in Teams tabs.
Direct Messaging
I want to have group or 1:1 chat.
Works great.
Works great.`
Channel/Room chat
I want to create a shared chat.
Works great. Create a room for a specific team or topic.
Needs improvement. Requires creation of a Team with channels that end up having sparse communications.
Usually channel messages are less than 10% of all messages due to inability to reach critical mass in channels.
Custom Organization
I want to organize multiple group chats.
Missing. Each chat room is distinct - can’t be grouped or organized.
A Team can have multiple channels to create separate rooms within one organizational unit. Improved organization capability but with sparsity of conversation noted above.
Associating document storage to channels/rooms
Needs improvement.

Create a shared drive with the same name as the room. However, membership is managed separately and there is no visual connection.
Needs improvement.

Creating a team automatically creates an associated SharePoint site with a document library. Creating a channel automatically creates a folder in the document library for the team. Renaming channels or teams does not properly work with SharePoint folders.

Issues common to SharePoint libraries as described above are present here.
New Participants
I want to add a new participant to an existing chat
Missing. Need to start a new chat or use a room.
Works great. Can decide whether to share the entire chat history or just new conversation.
I want to see my colleague’s status before initiating a chat.
Works great. Integrates with participant’s calendar.
Works great. Integrates with participant’s calendar and enterprise voice.
Chat to Audio
I want to turn my chat into an audio/video call.
Needs improvement. Cleaner implementation in Hangouts than Chat.
Works great.
Meetings - Scheduling
I want to schedule a meeting.
Works well if everything from administrative side is configured.
Works well if everything from administrative side is configured.
Meetings - Rescheduling
I want to give participants in the meeting the ability to reschedule.
Works great.
Not available. Participants can suggest another time but not move the meeting.
Calendar Visibility
I want to control my calendar’s visibility.
Works great. Visibility can be controlled for the whole calendar and/or individual events.
Works great. Visibility can be controlled for the whole calendar and/or individual events.
Data Analytics
Data Visualization Tool
I want to create a report on data to which I have access.
Use Data Studio to create reports on data in Google Sheets or many other data sources.
User Power BI to create reports on data in Excel or many other data sources.
Value & Price
Medium plan
I want to get a package that will sufficient for majority of my users.
Great value.
G Suite Business - $12 per user per month
Includes Data Studio.
Microsoft 365 E3 - $32 per user per month.
Very expensive in comparison Office 365 E3 plan at $20 per month.
Does not include Power BI.
Enterprise plan
I want to get all available features.
Great value.
G Suite Enterprise $25 per user per month
Voice is additional $20 per user per month
Microsoft 365 E5 - $57 per user per month.
Very expensive in comparison to Office 365 E5 plan $35 per month.
Bundles voice and Power Bi not needed for all users

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