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3 Days
Basic / Intermediate
no prerequisites
SharePoint Fundamentals
For Power Users / Site Administrators / Forms and Workflows Designers / Business Intelligence Analysts

The SharePoint Fundamentals class presents all the essential SharePoint features, information organization decision points, forms and workflows design, as well as business intelligence topics. The course does not require any prior knowledge of SharePoint. If you’ve already been working with SharePoint, the course will clear up areas that might be confusing and introduce you to new not so obvious functionality.

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4 Days
no prerequisites
SharePoint Administration
For Administrators / Enterprise Content Managers / Project Managers

The SharePoint Administration class is about enterprise content management and making information consistent across the entire SharePoint deployment. SharePoint provides many advanced document management and information architecture tools that are not obvious out of box, and the goal of this class is understand how these features work and integrate..

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5 Days
Development Skills
SharePoint Advanced Development
For Developers / Architects / Enterprise Content Managers / Administrators

We will cover the most important aspects of the SharePoint API and how to access it using client and JavaScript object models. You will learn to access and manipulate SharePoint lists using REST API. For the app development, you will build a SharePoint hosted app that uses SharePoint components. Also, you will create a provider hosted app that utilized Windows Azure web app, SQL, no SQL tables and BLOB storage. We will discuss app security, developer workflow, and deployment options in details.

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