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"Content of the class included information I was most interested in learning. Everything was very well organized and coordinated between lecture, demos, and hands on exercises. I appreciated how a new concept was presented, then demonstrated, and how the hand on exercises were same as the corresponding demo. For the development portion of the class I really liked that the instructor wrote code examples from scratch live while explaining how it works. I also liked it that the class included both admin and development material. Finally I liked the VPC image that was provided for the hands-on labs and that we ran the VPC on our own personal computers to take home. I should also mention a major plus is the DVD for the course."
"Andre and Duke were great instructors.  Had a lot of patience with the students and were very willing to answer any and all questions.  Material were great.  Overall very happy with the class."
"Topics covered were relevant to our intranet site.  Presentation was clear and concise. Instructors were extremely knowledgeable in all topics covered and was always available for questions, particularly real-time site questions.   Thank you for all your help!   Excellent class."
"I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the class that the instructors created. Covered all topics related to sharepoint from installation, backups, customization and web part development. Their knowledge of the product being presented seemed to put all of the students at ease - we knew we were attending the best class to learn about the product."
“I felt that organizing the materials in order of fewest access rights to most access rights was great. At first I did not understand why installation and configuration was not covered in the beginning as part of a ground-up approach, but then I realized your method was the best considering many of us work in environments with enterprise-controlled access, and not even all developers will have admin access to the hardware and file systems.

I am a Business Analyst with a Computer Science background, and having never worked with SharePoint before, I was able to quickly and easily move through all the labs and understand all of the information presented. I now feel quite comfortable setting up and maintaining a SharePoint environment. My first project will consist of an interdepartmental site collection for 500 users with user-based content access rights. That task is now significantly less intimidating. Thank you.”
“All the great SharePoint info you can’t seem to find anywhere else. I enjoyed it!”
"I learned a lot more than I had hoped for. The instructors are great! Very helpful and knowledgable. Looks like they know the product very well. A lot better than the consultants we used."
"Terrific content, easy to follow labs, great take home materials."
"Thanks... I really got quite a bit out of the class and I did see how to customize SharePoint through the object model to create document escalation based on our control table. My other questions asked by the client community were also answered during the class. I must say, it was an intense experience, one that I will not forget."
“I liked the pace and content covered. The code samples were helpful; especially, the site definition explanations.”
“Thank you Andre and Duke. The training was a big success.”
“Having the class in Vegas is a great idea because it gives everyone a chance to do “things” on out of class time! Training was very enjoyable and I would recommend Pilothouse to others for training”
“The best about the class was the instructor, his knowledge, his gentle and positive attitude and willingness to answer all questions or attempt to locate solutions for answers he did not have. He created a comfortable atmosphere in which to work.”
"The class was run on schedule and kept on point. No tangerines. Instructor was very knowledgeable and had a sense of humor, making the training experience almost fun. The class was conducted professionally. I got plenty of individual attention. Concepts were presented clearly."
"Very informative. Instructors presentations were well organized and easy to understand. This class met our expectations and equipped us to move to the next level with SharePoint."
"Covered all topics related to SharePoint from installation, backups, customization and web part development. Pace was just right and instructor was able to answer and immediately demonstrate any questions from the attendees."
"Very organized. Friendly environment. Info on Site Design and architecture. I enjoyed it very much."
"Instructor is the first person we've encountered who really knows SharePoint inside and out. We have even spent a week with a Microsoft Developers and he (instructor) was better able to answer our questions."
"My home duty is to be responsible for the success of a Campus  with rollout of SharePoint My staff and I have been searching for a comprehensive training class. This was a terrific class and Instructor is an incredible teacher. Everything about the class was excellent."
"Instructors were very knowledgeable and were always ready to help understand the functionality better. Step-by-step exercises/demos were great for practice purpose. Interactive DVD which was provided to us would be of great reference in case we have to revert back to one of the demo sessions. Overall it was an excellent experience and I am happy that I choose Pilothouse consulting for training purpose."
"Good broad range of topics and Instructor's deep understanding of SharePoint to answer all questions"
“The best things about the class were excellent presentation, individual attention, and product coverage.”
"The labs. Great way to learn. The workbook is going to be a great reference."
"The balance between breadth and depth is perfect. The take-home materials are great."
"Andre is a very good instructor. He is easy to understand. Know's the material and is precise.The course content and examples are also well chosen and include a good level of detail. None of my SharePoint questions were left unanswered."
"Good overview, followed by good details. A lot of class do one or the other. Broad topics and new ideas."
"Instructors were extremely knowledgeable on the subject and always willing to break from the plan to ensure all questions were answered."
"The ability to take the instructional material and labs at your own pace. The instructor was more than willing to provide extra challenges or substitute tasks for each lab. In fact he encouraged expanding on the labs."
"Provided a nice overview of the many features of SharePoint(SPS and WSS) with a good mix of presentations and demos. The added bonus of the DVD is an extremely valuable asset to have as a reference."
"I enjoyed the balance of presentation and labs. Also liked visiting the extra topics of interest that may have been outside the scope but were of interest to me."
"Instructor was great. Very personable and kept the class interesting and fun. Good content and very thorough."
"Overall Training: Super!! Highly recommended.
Very informative; logically structured and presented at the proper learning pace. Instructor knowledge was outstanding as was his presentation, techniques and interaction. Course materials supported the presentation as well as a solid reference for self study."
"Felt free to ask questions.Didn't feel rushed and if answer was not clear, more info was given. My specific questions were answered regarding the SPS we already run. The inscrutors are very knowledgable about SharePoint."
"The pace of instruction covered a great amount in a short time. I learned what I had hoped and more. Thanks."
"Open, flexible atmosphere. I felt comfortable asking questions."
"Practical, hands-on exercises and flexibility in adapting to student needs."
"The amount of the information and level of detail was the best part of the class. Was a very good class to fill in my gray areas since I have been working with SharePoint for multiple years."
"I really liked the exercises. They were helpful. I like to be able to watch the demo and then apply it to the exercises."
"Learning the tools of SharePoint and potential of its use within our department to improve communications. The exercises improved my knowledge of the Application."
"The details of each of the class sections was sufficiently complex, and very good attention was paid to showing where references could be found for additional information."
"Accompanying documentation are comprehensive and the DVD provides useful means to revisit topics in future."
"A perfect blend of course presentation, demos and lab exercises. I can't wait to implement SharePoint on all my clients."

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